The one where I had a perfect day.

Today was awesome. Like don't take my word for it, take Ice Cube's. 

Nothing overtly exciting happened other than SNOWMAGEDDON of course. So much for Spring. Me and Harp woke up this morning at about 5:45 and I laughed at the weatherman because NOTHING was going on outside. And I was all like, snowstorm my butt. HAHA! And then it started coming down. And the weatherman laughed at me. Dave Murray came to my house. And, I don't like to brag or anything, but we totally had some THUNDERSNOW. My dog, Kimbo, is totally terrified of thunder and lightning and murdering murderers. He had a complete conniption during the awesome thundersnow. This was Harp's first time really getting out in the snow and she had a really great time. Evidenced by these photos:

Please ignore the extremely poor quality of our snow child. I am aware that he is not even round.

Harp and our "special" snow child.

Kimbo enjoys snow. As long as it isn't THUNDERSNOW. THUNDERSNOW should always be in all caps.

We all had an awesome time throwing snowballs and making our poor "special" snowchild. He is pretty deformed. I'm not going to lie, if it was like Frosty the Snowman and he came to life, I would probably have to kill him with a shovel because he would be totally freaky. He doesn't have any appendages, eyes, or general face type pieces. After awhile, we came back in and had hot cocoa. Harp hasn't ever had it before that I know of and she totally approved. Lunch rolled around and we made oven baked grilled cheese and tomato soup which was just the perfect meal. We all got a bit of a nap, downloaded a bunch of demos on the PS3 to play and just hung out. And, the teenager was less crabby even though her soccer game got cancelled. All is right with the world. Made an amazing Harper approved ham steak, au gratin potatoes, and cheesy broccoli for dinner. Also evidenced by this meme:

Some days are just perfect and all is right with the world. We didn't get anything done that we were supposed to, but hey, that's okay. Teenager is quite excited now because we just got the call, no school tomorrow! I'm leaving you with my delicious ham steak recipe.

  • One uber delicious ham steak, get one that has a lot of purpleish color in it, that is the BOSS ham color
  • Syrup, not sizzurp, like the kind you use for pancakes
Step 1: Cut all the fat and the bone (if applicable) off that bitch. Cut it into little pieces. I always do triangles. Let's face it TRIANGLES ARE BOSS. Throw that shizz in a skillet.
Step 2: Poor some syrup all over those bitches. 
Step 3: Cook on medium heat for about 15 minutes turning frequently until all the liquid from the ham and syrup is pretty much gone and your ham has a caramel color but is not burnt. 

Pair with something that is preferably covered with cheese. That's how I do it. BOSS.


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